A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A puzzle game that takes the theme Shapeshift very literally.

The goal is to clear the shape tokens from the board by forming the shapes inside the tokens with other tokens. Shift the tokens left, right, up or down to get them into the correct position, then add a new row until you can't shift any more.

* Left or Right mouse buttons shifts current row left or right

* Mouse Wheel Up or Down shifts current column up or down

* Middle mouse adds an additional row and clears any matches

If no proper mouse is present, use your pointer device to hover over a token and WASD to shift and SHIFT/SPACE to add an additional row

The more shapes you clear, the more varied the shapes get!

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip Shapeshifter_Win.zip into a directory of your choice and run "Shapeshifter.exe"

OSX: Unzip "Shapershifter_OSX.zip" and run "Shapeshifter.app" (you might need to right click and open on OSX to avoid the "unidentified developer" popup)


Shapeshifter_Win.zip 3 MB
Shapeshifter_OSX.zip 11 MB

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